Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Miracle named Zoe

Sam was honored to befriend and photograph a family going through an unbelievable tragedy. Fortunately they have always had a strong faith and that faith is allowing them to continue on. Please read Sam's post and the family's blog. I am amazed at their strength. I do not know them, but I pray for them... perhaps you can too.

This is Baby Zoe and her amazing family.. I was given the honor of being able to walk into the front door of the Batiansila household.. and experiencing something wonderful... so very hard to explain.. but amazing at that. Zoe has trisomy18.. her story can be followed on her family blog

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Gibbotka said...

wow! what a great example of faith in God in the midst of a trial. puts the small things in life into perspective. thanks for sharing. :)