Wednesday, April 2, 2008

birthday and anniversary and showtime oh my!

So here we are April 2, 2008! Wow, sorry for the delay.
Life is rolling along quick magnificantly. I turned another year older...34. ugh. I don't really ever remember saying that was old, but now I think I am starting to rethink that. I started noticing aches and pains in odd places when I hit about 30. Since then I am surprised by some odd new medical something or other each year. I developed allergies and had wicked sinus surgeries for my 30th and 31st years. I got my first cavity at 33! What will 34 bring me? Ugh, let us hope it brings me smaller clothing sizes. I started working out again. Honestly I do feel better when I push it. I hate it, but I do it for me and for my kids.

Bri and I hit the 10 year wedding anniversary on 3/28.. Can't picture life without him. We did the Vegas Elvis Wedding Renewal on 3/2. It was great. We were able to celebrate with our friends Steve and Sherri, they stood up in the original wedding. I can't believe somedays that Brian and I have been together for 13 years. I feel like we have grown and yet stayed the same. Does that make sense? Like we are floating joyfully in a bowl of jello except the flavor is always changing. ok, that is the most bizarre thing I could think of at nearly 11pm. Sorry.

The trip was great except...1. it was my first time away from the youngins and 2. the return flight lost our luggage. LOST, not delayed and delivered...LOST IT! They have until June 8th to find it or pay us out. Nice....

Love being home. I am really busy. I love being on my own schedule, helping at school, running errands whatever. It really works for this family. I do still love to work with my drama kids. Alice is going better. Up until today I was getting worried. We open in 2 weeks and that will just be enough time to tie it up. I had to slam down on them hard because they were slacking. They seemed to take the advice and prove something today, so YEAH for YELLING!

Toby, the pup is adorable and doing very well. Maybe 1 accident a day. Not bad. He loves Ivy and the kids. We are all gelled up now. I am so happy I found the muchkin.

Some friends are having babies. UGH. good for them. NOT ME! all done. I am beyond thrilled that my kids can buckle up, dress, feed and eat on their own, have friends over in the basement or outside, read to me, do work, help with chores, tell us stories, invent, tell us what's wrong, understand reason and logic (sometimes) and KNOW what we mean when we tell them something, anything. It is wonderful. They are wonderful. Gifts man. Everyday I thank God for my gifts. They make me who I am. I strive to be a person they will be happy to grow up to be like. They don't get to be tv addicts or video game junkies and they don't seem to mind. They appreciate their toys and the use of their minds. Jake loves to invent with different media. Skylar to write and illustrate stories. I will hold on to this for as long as possible. I cherish this time. I know it will change, I only hope they don't let the others in the world change them too much. I hope they influence others...I hope they lead.
Wow, that's off in another direction. Ok, enough.
Promise to write soon.

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Gibbotka said...

yeah! an update! OK, one comment...regarding aches & pains. yes, not until THIS YEAR (i'll be 34 in july) did i start feeling it after a run or leaving the gym. :( where is my youth?