Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Well...look who's blogging again!

Yeah yeah...I am much more into my facebook page as of late. Sorry for no updates.
School has begun and the kids are doing very well. Jake's in 3rd and Sky 1st. She is reading so well. I love it. She WANTS so badly to learn. It is cute. She is turning into a little teen. She listens to music in her room with her door closed. She will sit in there music blarring and reading. She asked if we could get a real pink fuzzy phone for the playroom the other day. I thought oh no..here it all comes and she is only going to be 7!

Jake is playing piano, singing in the choir and is obsessed with pokemon. He is really growing up. He is a good student and has made lots of friends. It is really nice. I knew time would allow for him to grow out of his crazy behavior. IF Brian and I believed in ADD or ADHD, we would have had him drugged like every other parent in kindergarten. Fortunately, as teachers, we have seen how this has been disturbingly over diagnosed. Parents should sit back and let their rambunctious little one have time to grow out of it. Skylar has entered that stage now. I have an idea that she is actually bored in class and so why not doodle or tip a chair here and there. As long as work gets done right???? I can almost see it in the teacher's eyes when they tell me that they want to suggest some sort of problem...I however cut them off with a "DON'T EVEN" look.

ANYWAY....Bri has been coaching swimming again. Almost done with that for the season. I am watching a teachers baby on T/Th 8-3 and that has been really nice. I was trying to start my own drama troupe and a school picked it up! Then of coarse, funding fell through and so I have nothing. I miss it too much. I don't exactly know what I will do. I enjoy being on the PA and very involved in school. I DO NOT MISS TEACHING! I have subbed a couple of times. I may do it 1-2 times per month, but that is it.

Other than all of that...same old same old...
Enjoy the fall.