Monday, August 27, 2007

school pics and house update!

So check out my babes in their uniforms. WAHHHHHHHH!!!

Next to that, check out the progress on the house.

That's it for tonight.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

1 week down.

Well, I survived my first week of school. I must admit, as usual, I would love to be home, but teaching is my cup of tea. Amazingly, 1/3 of my students still did not bother to buy their books. HMMMMM???!! pisses me off. I also found out I had some additional, non-mentioned stuff come up this week that was not part of my hire package. pisses me off. I will deal with all of the above.

Drama is starting to get a buzz. I have a bunch of kids ready to go. That is the best part of this job.

Siding... OH MY!! It is coming along and it is beautiful. I am so pleased I really waited and got sick over picking the right colors. So far, so good! I will post shots of the work so far tomorrow.

My kids are not babies anymore. Wait until you see the photos of them in uniforms. Skylar in her little jumper. OH MY GOSH! I seriously can't stand it. Where did these years go? I remember sitting at home with my newborn J. We would sing and play all day. Then my pumpkin S was born and I chased J and the 3 of us sang and painted and played. I was beat. This week, I found both doing school work after school, then we busted out the playdoh and played games. Hopefully I will always get that time with them.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

school started and i am beat

so meetings last week... boring!
yesterday was day 1 with the kids. went well. today my room read 1o0 degrees! no a/c. hard to keep the kids focused enough on you when you want to die of heat exhaustion.
going ok.

j started second grade today. so cute. brought home books to cover. WWAHHHHHH! my boy is not a little guy any more.

s starts kindergarten tomorrow. why must they get so old so fast?

other than that.... siding is slowly coming along. well, demo is 90% done and the insulation is 40% up. hopefully soon.

thats it

Thursday, August 16, 2007

siding and WORK?!>!

so the siding has been decided. 2 browns. roofer said to wait 3-5 years before you replace the roof, so that is good. don't know how bad the current roof color will look, but i have made a decision. sticking to it. $ is said and done and tomorrow is the big first day. yipee.

WORK... kinda good, kinda boring this week. meetings and blah blah blah. today is orientation, so i get to meet some kiddos. getting excited. school starts tuesday and I am pretty close to ready.

OH and I gave up sugar, bread and 95% of caffiene!! I am a maniac. I feel good now. tough the first 3-4 days. this is day 7? 2 more very strict weeks i think. we'll see. lost a couple of pounds. want to loose 25. we shall see.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


I have loads to do today and with the dreary rain... I don't want to start. I am looking at the laundry piles and little toys and the floor... The good thing is the kids WILL CLEAN if they want to leave. ha. They are counting the minutes until to we leave.

on the siding front... got the new front door. yipee! am wavering on siding colors and the money should be in hand by the time we return. hopefully.

finished reading and making some rough notes/adjustments for my first play. I will hold auditions on or around Sept. 10th. that day is coming all too soon. ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I am super excited.

off i go to clean. i am a boring blogger!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

siding and...

so who would have thought trying to side your house could be so much of a pain???
ughhh. quotes and money and colors and too... many... choices....i don't want to think anymore.

tired. gotta get it done so i can enjoy the vaca next week!!!