Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 26th??Really?

So summer has come and gone since I last wrote. I am sitting here with a snoring frenchie on one side and WE ARE MARSHALL on the big tv with a box of kleenex on my lap. This movie is too sad. Bri is working on a dvd, he goes back to work tomorrow. The kids are long in bed. Soooo what's new you say?

1. We had a great summer did Great America, Ren Faire.... Jake has turned into a little man over summer. He is more aware of his clothing and he even asked for a new hair cut for school. He looks older and his mouthyness (sp?) has gotten to be a bit testier (sp?). We are working on it. He's now in 3rd grade. I abolutely can not believe it. He's continuing with piano and is doing well. This summer he kicked butt in baseball and picked up a new hobby...pokemon. ugh. he uses his allowance to get the cards, so all is well. He is learning strategy and responsibilty believe it or not. He is taking care of these cards! See...a little man.

2. Skylar is my ray of ravenous sunshine. She is sweet and monsterous at the same time. She also has a new adorable haircut and is growing so quickly. She loves when someone asks her how old she is and she can holler out 6 and 3/4!! Teacher called us up already. ugh. She is so bright...really smart! BUT she does her own thing. Today, she cut her gym shirt and broke all her crayons so she can have more. ha. Well, although I am looking at this as an adjustment period from freeloving walk around kindergarten, she has to adjust quickly. She kept up with Jake all summer. She even just bought her own pokemon set and today they played for the first time. They are either best friends or mortal enemies. I guess that is to be expected!

3. Bri taught for 4 weeks this summer. He helped me do some house stuff and he got to play a lot of online poker. oh, I learned to play poker too and have been invited into some of his poker nights with the boys. It's fun... Jake and Skylar even know what makes a good hand! I hate that but with the price of high school and college...might come in handy!!! LOL!!

4. Did the Dells and had a great time.

5. Toby got the big snip snip after a summer of fun loving humping on Ivy...ha

6. Hung out with friends, pretty good block party again, saw some movie the usual.

7. After asking the kid's school if thye wanted to start a theatre programs, they kept giving me the brush off, so I searched elsewhere. I found the #5 CPS school to gladly take me on! That's a thrill in the making. I should have the program up and running mid October-Dec 2 days a week.

8. I am on the PA at school and will be a Brownie co-leader for Skylar's troop. It's a new troop, but there are 3 of us mommas and we are really excited, so it will be fun.

Brian is like...you have so much going on. I said, but I don't work! Well, I work very hard IN MY HOME, so these are all fun extras I get to do. Besides, too much free time and I go bonkers.

9. I will babysit only 2 days for a teacher's baby 8-3 so awesome hours and a few extra bucks. I will be off on all school holidays so no worries.

10. I am hoping for a fairly uneventful September. It's looking to be busy, but when are the Boyles not doing something??