Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We're in showbiz baby...

well, on the high school level. I had a great turnout on Friday for auditions. Sat. we had a clean the stage day and about 15 kids showed up. We got a lot done. I hand out scripts and such tomorrow. Here we come. The kids are excited too.

Today, B turned 34. ouch, we are old. just did dinner at gino's (original, not east) and chilled. S passed out in the car at 7:20pm. J asked to go to bed at 8... wierd land today.

FINAL big house project is.... hardwood floors. I am finding just as stressful, if not more, than the outside. I have had several estimates and now we need to decide. I want to start early Oct. so that we can have everything finalized by Thanksgiving... new trim and 1/4 round too. We are going to tile the foyer and hall closet to save a couple of bucks. we also need to finish our bedroom door that is sitting collecting dust in the garage...so lots to do and only weekends to do it.

I think I have a little cold or something, so I am off to bed early. Here's hoping Friday comes soon.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

A new approach???

I was told that I have the 4 "worst kids" in the sophomore class together in one class. Oh, and at the end of the day.... Who told me this? one of the "worst kids". I have to find a way to make these kids realize they can get off the worst list and just be the average annoying teenager, but I don't know how. I usually have ONE of "those kids", but 4, with the occassional 5th dropping in on some of their fun? It is a lot for me and the others in the class.

I have tried a bunch of things so far and nothing... detentions, calls and emails home... nada.
I had heart to hearts with each of them seperately. I had them sign contracts today showing I am done giving chances and they are going to try and change or face their fate without argument......

Will this work? I don't know. I hope so. They do have good qualities! However, together they are a massive volcanic explosion....

auditions tomorrow... super thrilled.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Finally, it is finished!
I am happy to say that the outside is complete with new grass and plants. The final things will be new hardwood floors and trim then this 4 year project will be complete.
I LOVE THE CHOICES WE MADE for the house. I am excited to save some cash on the heat bill too this year!

school is .... well, let's just say I have already discovered my challenge this year. Feel more like a babysitter some days, yes even in high school. BUT...auditions are this Friday. I am so excited about that.

S started swimming again and J will start baseball camp soon. B has his first swim meet coming soon, so tis the busy season. Off I go to read to the kids then grade some tests! Who ever said a teacher only works 6 hours a day??? let me shoot them. I am swamped.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

work update...good news for me

So, I decided to tell the principal he hired me full time based on all of these nice conditions which would make my load lighter since I have kids and was taking on drama. I told him had I had all the info I have now, I would have opted for PT, not FT. The load plus drama was way to much. I then told him I would like to be switched to PT in the second semester if possible and definately pt for next year. He approached me with red face and apologies and fixed as much as he could for this semester. It will help. Second semester he is taking away 1 class from my load as well as keeping the other conditions in tact. We will talk about next year after 1st semester. GREAT! See opening my big mouth did help this time. He took it well and completely understood my need for speaking up. YEAH FOR ME!

Work horse

I was a work horse yesterday. Geez, first off I went walking and yapping with my friend for an hour! AN HOUR! Then I came home, dishes, laundry, laid landscape barrier and carried and dumped 20 bags of rocks onto the side of my house. Did I mention the bags are well over 50 lbs?

Where's your dear darling hubby you may ask? bummer, he is sick. fever and down since thursday night. We had plans last night and had to cancel. I was pretty nice to him. LOL. I only asked for a smidge of help with the kids. Today is baby moo cow's 1st bday and hopefully b feels better. The kids are going to have a stupendous time. Should be interesting for me...no sweets and goodies. My sis makes such yummy junk food! boo hoo. oh well, i am down about 8-ish lbs.

Siding is rolling along. I have to put new shots up. He said he should have the front done by Tuesday, so I am scheduling the sod people for the 8/9th. Yipee. I have a totally new looking house. Next and last... the floors. When those projects, siding, sod and floors are done, we will have COMPLETELY renovated this house. We did all plumbing, electric, drywall, paint, cabinets, appliances, tile work, doors, you name it. 90% new (only the frame and concrete will remain original) Took 4 years, but worth it. I plan on living here til we die at the ripe old age of 100, so we had to make it new so it would last. HA!

Off I go to begin my mommy day with pancakes for the kiddies.