Sunday, September 2, 2007

Work horse

I was a work horse yesterday. Geez, first off I went walking and yapping with my friend for an hour! AN HOUR! Then I came home, dishes, laundry, laid landscape barrier and carried and dumped 20 bags of rocks onto the side of my house. Did I mention the bags are well over 50 lbs?

Where's your dear darling hubby you may ask? bummer, he is sick. fever and down since thursday night. We had plans last night and had to cancel. I was pretty nice to him. LOL. I only asked for a smidge of help with the kids. Today is baby moo cow's 1st bday and hopefully b feels better. The kids are going to have a stupendous time. Should be interesting for sweets and goodies. My sis makes such yummy junk food! boo hoo. oh well, i am down about 8-ish lbs.

Siding is rolling along. I have to put new shots up. He said he should have the front done by Tuesday, so I am scheduling the sod people for the 8/9th. Yipee. I have a totally new looking house. Next and last... the floors. When those projects, siding, sod and floors are done, we will have COMPLETELY renovated this house. We did all plumbing, electric, drywall, paint, cabinets, appliances, tile work, doors, you name it. 90% new (only the frame and concrete will remain original) Took 4 years, but worth it. I plan on living here til we die at the ripe old age of 100, so we had to make it new so it would last. HA!

Off I go to begin my mommy day with pancakes for the kiddies.

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kimberm_71 said...

Your house looks GREAT!! Did you get the whole place resided or just the back? I hope I don't drive right past it the next time we stop by ;-)