Sunday, September 2, 2007

work update...good news for me

So, I decided to tell the principal he hired me full time based on all of these nice conditions which would make my load lighter since I have kids and was taking on drama. I told him had I had all the info I have now, I would have opted for PT, not FT. The load plus drama was way to much. I then told him I would like to be switched to PT in the second semester if possible and definately pt for next year. He approached me with red face and apologies and fixed as much as he could for this semester. It will help. Second semester he is taking away 1 class from my load as well as keeping the other conditions in tact. We will talk about next year after 1st semester. GREAT! See opening my big mouth did help this time. He took it well and completely understood my need for speaking up. YEAH FOR ME!


Gibbotka said...

YOU GO GIRL! I think it's wonderful that you stepped up and said something. I am woman, hear me roar!

kimberm_71 said...

Good for you!