Monday, September 10, 2007


Finally, it is finished!
I am happy to say that the outside is complete with new grass and plants. The final things will be new hardwood floors and trim then this 4 year project will be complete.
I LOVE THE CHOICES WE MADE for the house. I am excited to save some cash on the heat bill too this year!

school is .... well, let's just say I have already discovered my challenge this year. Feel more like a babysitter some days, yes even in high school. BUT...auditions are this Friday. I am so excited about that.

S started swimming again and J will start baseball camp soon. B has his first swim meet coming soon, so tis the busy season. Off I go to read to the kids then grade some tests! Who ever said a teacher only works 6 hours a day??? let me shoot them. I am swamped.

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