Thursday, August 16, 2007

siding and WORK?!>!

so the siding has been decided. 2 browns. roofer said to wait 3-5 years before you replace the roof, so that is good. don't know how bad the current roof color will look, but i have made a decision. sticking to it. $ is said and done and tomorrow is the big first day. yipee.

WORK... kinda good, kinda boring this week. meetings and blah blah blah. today is orientation, so i get to meet some kiddos. getting excited. school starts tuesday and I am pretty close to ready.

OH and I gave up sugar, bread and 95% of caffiene!! I am a maniac. I feel good now. tough the first 3-4 days. this is day 7? 2 more very strict weeks i think. we'll see. lost a couple of pounds. want to loose 25. we shall see.

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