Sunday, April 27, 2008

It was a success!


We had positive reviews from faculty on Thursday. Friday, J got strep throat with a high fever and he was out. At 10 am got a text from my stage manager saying one of the Alices was home puking. UGH. I run to school to find some info out and as I was in the building, in comes Alice 1. It was 11ish and she said she knew she could do it, don't worry. About 3:30pm, I find out the school has not gathered money for my cash boxes, so now I have to go begging at the bank for $200 worth of singles,5's and quarters. That proved more difficult than I thought. Simultaneously ALICE 2 starts puking. I got that call while trying to figure out the cash. I get the money, get to the stage about 5 pm for the 7pm show. ALICE 2 is passed out on the grass. Some wanted to cancel the show, ALICE 1 started trying to memorize ALICE 2's part and ALICE 2 just wanted to do the show. 2 seniors took ALICE 2 to the car with the air on and some cold rags and nursed her back. At 6:15, I held a mini meeting saying THE SHOW WILL GO ON...and it did. No one was any wiser to our conflict. It was a great show.
Sat. Jake was rested enough that he came back. He was adorable and excited. It was near PERFECT. I taped it and also gave the seniors a going away thanks. Sunday was an obnoxious crowd and we had a small snafu, I called it a teaching moment, but all was great. We had a wrap pizza and karaoke party, which was fun too. Bri is always so helpful with this stuff. I was very happy with the outcome of this mega difficult show! I will post pics soon.

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