Wednesday, November 28, 2007


wow, too busy to write? don't think so, but too lazy!
The play was amazing! It got a great responce. I am so proud of the kids. I was proud of myself. Brian was pleasantly surprised!! Sooooo little break and #2 will begin in Feb. My drama kids are sad and bored, but they will survive. I will be telling them Friday that I will not be back in Jan. to teach, but I will be the drama director. It will be interesting because I do teach about 1/2 of the drama kids. c'est la vie!

House is going to be done by sat. we have our annual cheesey bingo culty party. it has been a long road, but after 4 years of home ownership, i can honestly say I know where 80% of my house has come from.... BRIAN AND I!!

Kids are goood. Looking forward to my leaving teaching. They are cute.

Ok, here are a couple of pics. try to catch up soon.

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Gibbotka said...

cool. missed you writing. Does Jess go to Hope College in Holland, MI?