Friday, October 19, 2007

The dawning of a new day...

well, it's night, so that doesn't make sense.
Anyway, things are coming along in the house. We have lots to do, but I hope it will be done by Halloween. I will post pics soon.

J's piano teacher approached B with great news. Seems the boy has a sharp ear and is picking up the piano very well. I hope he continues to dig it. He is really shining this year. He is reading and all around doing well.

S has started to read a few words. AMAZING really. My baby is going to be 6 shortly and that is a sad reality. Oh well. We found out she is quite the perfectionist in school. She cries when she does her work wrong... OH NO!! This obviously is not from this end. The teacher said some kids are just harder on themselves. Great, she and Jake already have such a competitive nature. What will they be like in 3 years? 5?? high school???????????

Finally, I gave my principal my notice. I will be done at the end of December. I left it mostly at the fact that I have family/personal issues that need attention. Although sad to see me leave, he understood. I will be able to continue with Drama. I was happy about that since it is really going well. I have a weight lifted...B is a bit worried, but I will make it all ok ya know. Gotta do it.

Peace and enjoy these lovely fall days.

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