Friday, January 4, 2008

The holidaze.....

Yes, DAZE!
I love Thanksgiving with family and food... I love Christmas sharing the meaning and joy with family and friends and then wham! the New Years slam and it is over in a flash. The next thing you know you are taking things down and packing away until next year. It seems like a daze.

Well, all went well. The kids were super gracious and thankful... sweetly excited. It was interesting because a distant uncle died the Thursday before Christmas and several relatives came up from the south and stayed through th e30th. That added about an extra 10 kids under the age of 12 for the holiday....20 in total. We kept the cool. It was cool because many of these cousins met for the first time under this sad occassion. They loved it.

NYE... uneventful. went to Sam's for dinner and we tried to play smarter than a 5th grader (boys vs. girls style) and we weren't!!! We were home by 10ish. I stayed up to watch the Chicago countdown on ch. 7 and sleep settled in nicely after that.

Considering a new pup. Well, it started with Bri falling in love with a pup his mom had. Her friend took the pup and now the bug is back. Ivy has not been the same since River moved on. She loves other dogs. Plays with my dad's often. So, the search is on for boxer #2. This household swore to never raise boxers (for those that don't know, Bri was raised in a boxer breeding/showing household)...well, here we are!

Best news... done teaching... probably for a long time. I will stay on as the drama director. The next show starts in Feb. I am deciding between Alice's Adventures in Wonderland or Hickory Dickory Dead (murder mystery). I will keep you posted.


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