Saturday, November 29, 2008

2 holidays down and 2 more to go...

Halloween was beautiful this year weather-wise. We had nearly 70 degrees for the kids to enjoy. J was a trooper and S was a pirate, snow princess and know everyday is halloween for my dress up queen.

Thanksgiving was fairly uneventful and lovely as well. No major drama. well...ya, nothing too major.

Kids got their first report cards and are doing fantastic. Sky is reading at about a 2nd grade level. She LOVES it. It really has improved her personal world. J loves to read, but she LOVES LOVES LOVES to read. It's cute. Oh and she loves to go to her room, turn the music on and sing or dance....nearly 7, nearly an evil tweenager! Jake is still taking off in piano. I am constantly amazed at how he can play a piece once and then perfect it without his sheet music. yes, 2 hands and all...It's a gift I tell him that a lot of people don't have and he should be thankful. He does enjoy it which makes it all the better.

Bri's swim season is over. He thinks he's done coaching...he has been burnt out due to this season. We shall see on that one. Otherwise, he's doing well...actually developed a nice new organized method to his teaching (finally)! He has been a lot more relaxed because he is on top of his work.

Me, well, the babysitting gig is ending at Christmas. I have been subbing in preschool and LOVE it. They offered me a super deal...M-F 8:30-12:30 with previously committed days and the summer off! I could not beat that... I know I said I don't miss teaching, but please note that applies to anyone over the age of 6! Oh, have whooping cough since halloween, dr. said plan on it to remain in some form til christmas. OH WELL! Sky had super strep throat and there has been some some sort of evil germ pretty much in everyone's house right now. UGH!!

So December is near. Bingo, Sky is 7, kids vacation, CHRISTMAS and New Years...oh and best of all is Pearl Harbor Day! That was the day Brian asked me to marry him some 12 years ago!! I will update again hopefully before Jan! I am a Facebook junkie now a days.

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