Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ok, so what am i doing here?

I am jumping on the Blogmobile I guess. Like I don't have enough to do right? I am now going to start sitting down and sharing what I can I guess. Virtual therapy. Cheaper I guess.

So school begins in roughly 2 1/2 weeks for yours truly. The kids start 1 week after and the hubby, also a teacher goes back after labor day. I AM NOT READY and yet, I am. I begin my new adventure as a high school theatre director this year. I have always been in front of the curtain, rarely behind. I have a lot of experience, but to really be in charge... again, I ask what am I doing. Actually, this job is all I have wanted since I graduated. It will just be tough juggling a full time teaching career, my directorial debut and my babies! Well, 7 and 5 are not really babies, but they are mine. The nice thing is the principal has helped my class load by only giving me 5 classes instead of 6 and I have no 1st period so I still get to take the kids to school at the regular time. No early birds this year. Last year was horrible. We were up and OUT by 6:55am. Let me tell ya, that was not a pretty site!

Although we only have a couple of weeks off together, really that is more than most families get. I have been hanging with the kids and having and grand summer! B has been teaching summer school and now has a month off. Too much T and B off together means T starts to create jobs for B to do around the house, so he "likes" to teach his 1/2 days over summer. LOL! Now he will get a bit of solid daddy time and that is always good too. We will take a vaca next week and let me tell you that is all the kids have been talking about since last September!

ok, enough for the first blog. We will see where this goes.

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